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Project Description
Given a work item, locate all the changesets associated with it and create a grid which indicates which assets were changed and by which changesets. Allow easy diff-ing of the asset either for all changes made in the work item or set start and end limits on the diff-ing.

This project is a redo of a WinForms version of the application I made as a plugin for VS2008. I wanted to add more detailed control over which versions of the files you would like to see the difference between to better support doing incremental code reviews and to support some features that people requested (like knowing if the file had intermediate changes by another developer for another issue). Also, to make the tool standalone so it does not have to be (but can be) launched from VS. This should also allow it to be VS version independent.

The current development team is just learning more about data binding so if you have improvements feel free to implement.

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